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Selection of visual identity through product packaging works.

Works from visual identity design systems through product packaging and advertising materials delivered in the last 14 years.

This collection of works presented in my portfolio are creations for a wide range of different services and products delivered to customers in over 40 countries since 2006. This collection presents my skills and capabilities while at the same time reflects my approach: a clean, elegant aesthetic. Over time, I have delivered services for companies all over the world, including the USA, Australia, UK, Germany, France, Singapore, and Dubai, among others. 

Since everything in graphic design is about communication, I am strongly convinced that one of the most important values of a good designer is to be comfortable working in multiple styles. This also opens up creating designs for more industries, fulfilling the needs and requirements of the customer, and transmitting their message in the most accurate and convenient way. The variety of my work also reveals my lifestyle as a digital nomad – I like to meet new people, experience new cultures and take on new challenges. Unending curiosity describes my personality best. 

I am inspired by the stories of other people that are behind a venture or product or event that turned a good idea into reality. I am always grateful to the privilege that not only I can witness the birth of a value but that I can be part of the process to make it complete. That is why I like to think of myself as a consultant who helps people accomplish their dreams with the know-how and experience that I accumulated over the years. 

The final result of a graphic designer’s work is when it becomes objects that the people will take into their hands: the business card, brochures, flyers, or product packaging. My goal is that when a consumer uses or sees these objects that I’ve designed, it contributes to the positive experience of the user. The value that I give to design will call people to take the product packaging in hand, or choose a service. 

I also enjoy work on digital platforms too. The opportunity of working on web design, online ads and other digital elements opens the possibility to another way of creativity, aesthetics, and communication that I find very exciting. I am using WordPress as the primary platform to build websites. I am very excited to help my customers to be able to take advantage of the digital presence. I think the most important thing is to follow the customer’s goal and find the best fitting solution in the most creative and practical way.

My belief in design is to create visuals and product packaging that are able to make connections between people, societies and cultures. One of my core missions as a professional is to create designs that speak volumes and also convey people to be able to distinguish between qualities and attitudes. I feel that it is a graphic designer’s responsibility to help people develop the instinct to choose good design. 

The use of negative space and the effect of different proportions and color contrasts are also the possibilities that I would like to take maximum advantage of. In my visual compositions I like to use clean forms and layouts that are visually attractive and transparent. I take inspiration from interacting with people from other cultures and new environments, to use patterns, colors, shapes and form with a new perception. I am seeking new connections and to discover links between forms and entities that recreate the relation between these elements.