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Edó food packaging, product id, logo, stationery for a Hungarian jam preserves manufacturer venture

Edó is a brand created by a person who loves nature and homemade foods The word itself comes from the surname of the chef creating these tasty creatively made goodies with all her heart. The aim of the client was to create a food packaging with a simple, minimal but very powerful visual that is very easy to combine with hand script and to reflect the homemade aspect. The custom shape of the label that is attached to the jar with a string makes the visual identity reminiscent of the food made by ourselves or our mothers at home and also reflects the somewhat experimental aspect of her products with the creative combination of the ingredients and condiments. The custom logotype is placed in an oval form making the logo a powerful compact form that dominates the whole design of the visual identity from the packaging to the stationary, business card, envelope, letterhead, folder, such as the marketing materials like the flyer, brochure, catalog, and the promotional materials.