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Monger and Barrow, app logo for a mobile application dedicated to help the vendors and buyers in Covent Garden, London, UK.

The busy marketplace of Covent Garden is one the greatest traditional places of the city of London visited every day by thousands of people to find the right vendor and the right product. To make the trade easier and more effective has invented an up where the vendor could upload the offer and the promotions. The app logo has to be classy, archaic and elegant to reflect the character of the historical and traditional aspect of the place. Meanwhile also has to express the profile that is invented for. The archaic style of the logo gives a unique look of the visual of the application and signalling the style of the whole brand identity. The powerful design assigns a very unique and special to the different applications of visual identity, the app, the stationary, letterhead, newsletter, business card, so as the marketing material, catalog, flyer.