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Goji packaging design, product id, logo, stationery for a goji berries vendor company.

Goji, as the first importer who specialized in goji berries in Romania, took the chance to choose the well-known name of the product. The challenge was to create a product identity that is appealing to the local audience but at the same time to reflect the origin of the product, Asia. Taking the advantage of the very special beautiful jar the concept was to make a label that is created from two parts and a strap that connects the top part of the label to the side. This was able to make the layout of the packaging design less busy. The red background of the logo and arrangement of the logotype reflects the Asiatic stamps and is in powerful contrast with the warm gray background, while the leaf element underneath of the logo reminds us of the natural product, the fruit. The overall style of the packaging has an elegant, classy and naturalistic style. This expresses the prestigious attitude of the company, and the preference for high quality, natural products. The entire layout of the packaging, and also each of the elements when taken separately, gives a strong character to the entire visual identity. The logo dominates the stationery items such as the packaging design, business card, envelope, letterhead, folder, also the marketing materials like the flyer, brochure, or product stand.